Let Me Introduce Myself... / by Troy Harvey

Hiya! I'm Troy Harvey and I'm a freelance photographer based in Southern California. I felt like starting a blog for two main reasons. The first being because I can and the second to showcase my photographic work. 

But first thing first. Let me tell you briefly about my journey from newspaper staffer to freelance. It all started with a passion for photography. In fact, I was spending every extra cent on new equipment until finally the wife had had enough. With love underlined by a stern tone, she told me "you're not spending another dollar on a piece of camera equipment unless you make that your career." From that moment on, my desire and determination to become a professional photographer was sealed. 

With a new found calling, I quit my job and attended Brooks Institute of Photography. It was during this time in my life that I was inspired to carve a path into the journalistic world. I wanted to create images that would stir the emotions of strangers the way powerful photographs had impacted me. 

I received a degree in Visual Journalism and acquired my first job at a small newspaper in the middle of the California desert. From there I went to work for the Ventura County Star where I thought my journalistic ambitions were going to be fulfilled. Then on a cloudy, rainy day while having just landed in Washington DC for a family vacation, my phone rang and on the other end was a voice informing me that I had been laid off. Poof. There went my great journalistic ambitions. 

I never had any intentions of becoming a freelance photographer but was propelled full force into that mysterious and completely uncertain world .Lucky for me, this world has turned out to be accepting and kind. 

Thanks for reading. Now..... for the photos.