E3 2017 | For Bloomberg by Troy Harvey

I had the pleasure of shooting E3 2017 earlier this month for Bloomberg. Here's a couple of images. 

Funeral Service for Nancy Reagan | Simi Valley, Ca. by Troy Harvey

This past week has been extremely busy not to mention the passing of former first lady Nancy Reagan. I have covered a couple national news event and this one by far will stick with me. Here are a few images from her motorcade and funeral service. (ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT BY TROY HARVEY/ZUMA WIRE AND MAY NOT BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION)

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Eighteen by Troy Harvey

Over the past 18 days, we were joined by over 60+ riders. From left, Larry Rice, David Rice, Craig Bernthal and Michael Fagans rode a total of 787 miles and climbed 36,773 ft.  The Tour Against Trafficking raised over $35,000 dollars. The money will be donated to organizations around the Central Valley to help combat Human Trafficking. Although the tour has ended the fight to help combat human trafficking continues. Please visit to keep up to date on what we are doing. 

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Seventeen by Troy Harvey

Leg 17 was a great success!!! We made our way from Lodi to Stockton with nearly 20 riders. If your interested in finding out more about the tour please visit

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Twelve by Troy Harvey

Today was a short and enjoyable ride from Merced to Turlock. Tomorrow we head back into the hills as we make our way to Sonora. 

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Eleven by Troy Harvey

Today's ride from Madera to Merced had many twists, turns and even a detour. We arrived to UC Merced safely where we had a good turn out for a showing of the documentary The Trafficked LIfe.

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Ten by Troy Harvey

Day Ten was a great ride out of the mountains of Oakherst, Ca. to the flats of Madera, Ca. Tonight we are showing the film The Trafficked Life to a group of community members. Tomorrow we headed to UC Merced to show the film at 2:30pm. If your in the area please join us. If you would like more information about the Tour Against Trafficking please CLICK HERE.

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Nine by Troy Harvey

Day Nine was another great ride. We made our way from Fresno, Ca. to Oakhurst, Ca. We had the pleasure of picking up a couple new riders who joined us for todays ride. Tomorrow we make our way to Madara.

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Eight by Troy Harvey

Today we are back on the road after two day's off. They road from Hanford, Ca. to Fresno, Ca. We were greeted in Fresno by three TV station and a warm welcome by the Church of the Holy Family. Tomorrow we return back to the foothills as we head towards Oakhurst, Ca. 

Tour Against Trafficking | Week One by Troy Harvey

Week one is a wrap!!! The tour has been amazing so far. We have visited Taft, Bakersfield, Kernville, Ridgecrest, Porterville, Tulare, Visalia and Hanford, Ca. We are thankful to have this weekend off to relax before hitting the road Monday for 11 straight. 

If you want to find out more information about this tour against Human Trafficking please visit

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Seven by Troy Harvey

Today we were joined by community members as we made our way from Tulare, Ca. to Visalia, Ca.. There we welcomed by community members that held an event for us. After Bishop David Rice and Michale Fagans spoke we headed towards Hanford, Ca.

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Six by Troy Harvey

Today was a a short ride from Porterville, Ca. to Tulare, Ca. We had a lovely reception of a group of young children as we ended our day. Tomorrow we make our way from Tulare, Ca. to Visalia, Ca. and end in Hanford, Ca. To find out more about this tour please CLICK HERE.

Tour Against Trafficking | Day Two by Troy Harvey

Day two is done!!! The riders left Bakersfield, Ca. and made it to Kernville, Ca. in one piece. The total trip was nearly 71 miles with 8000 feet of elevation. Thankfully it was a mostly cool day with a light wind. Tomorrow the riders will take a day to recover and then make their way to Ridgecrest, Ca. on Monday. 

Snowy Plovers | For Audubon Magazine by Troy Harvey

I’m very happy yet saddened to share this story that I worked on for the Audubon Magazine. In May, I was sent to the Coal Oil Point Reserve located in Isla Vista, Ca., to check on the Western Snowy Plover habitat after the oil spill near Refugio State Beach.  You can read the full story here.