Production Stills

Lights, Camera, Action | My first time on set... by Troy Harvey

A few months ago I was hired to be the onset photographer for a short film shot in Los Angeles. Naturally living and working in and around the LA area it has always been an interest of mine to work on set.  It was truly amazing to see how everything works and comes together on a production.  This was a great learning opportunity for me and I look forward to working on another one soon. 

Eyes of Dawn | Production Stills... by Troy Harvey

Here's some images from the film I worked BTS on this past weekend. It's always fun to take a break from journalism and work on set. 

On Assignment: Scoring Session at Warner Bros. by Troy Harvey

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to cover a scoring and ADR session at Warner Bros. Studios for the film Lovely Day. It was movie magic at its finest.