Tour Against Trafficking | Day Two by Troy Harvey

Day two is done!!! The riders left Bakersfield, Ca. and made it to Kernville, Ca. in one piece. The total trip was nearly 71 miles with 8000 feet of elevation. Thankfully it was a mostly cool day with a light wind. Tomorrow the riders will take a day to recover and then make their way to Ridgecrest, Ca. on Monday. 

Tour Against Trafficking | Day One by Troy Harvey

Hello everyone!!! Over the next month, I’ll be working with a small group of cyclist documenting their bike pilgrimage to end Human Trafficking. Today was the first day of the ride. We started in Taft, Ca. and ended in Bakersfield, Ca. Tomorrow they will embark on a 72-mile ride from Bakersfield, Ca. to Kernville, Ca. Let the “Tour Against Trafficking” continue with a hard ride into the foothills. If you would like to find out more CLICK HERE.

Behind The Scenes | Los Angeles, Ca. by Troy Harvey

YAY!!! I never thought I would work on another film again but lucky for me, another opportunity came around. I was hired as the set photographer on a short film shot in Los Angeles. The cast and crew were amazing!

Snowy Plovers | For Audubon Magazine by Troy Harvey

I’m very happy yet saddened to share this story that I worked on for the Audubon Magazine. In May, I was sent to the Coal Oil Point Reserve located in Isla Vista, Ca., to check on the Western Snowy Plover habitat after the oil spill near Refugio State Beach.  You can read the full story here.

A Night with Corey Taylor | Shot for House of Blues Sunset Strip by Troy Harvey

This summer has been full of concerts shoots and my most recent one is of Corey Taylor at the House of Blues Sunset Strip located in Hollywood, Ca. Enjoy! 

Refugio State Beach Reopens | For Ventura County Star by Troy Harvey

This week I returned to Refugio State Beach to cover the re-opening of the park after it closed due to an oil-spill that occurred in mid may.

House Of Blues Hollywood... by Troy Harvey

With a big thank you to good friend and fellow photographer the month of June has been filled with concerts. Here some images I shot for the House of Blues in Hollywood.

Vans Warped Tour 2015... by Troy Harvey

Welp another year and another Vans Warped Tour in the books. This year I covered the tour in Pomona for Zuma Press and then in Ventura for the Ventura County Star. Two jam packed days of heat, sun and dust!  

Eddie Adams Workshop XXI... by Troy Harvey

In 2008, I had the pleasure of being 1 in 100. For those of you who don’t know what that means, let me elaborate. During that year, I applied to the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop XXI for the second time in my student career. To my surprise I was accepted which in my head meant I had finally become good enough to spend a week with the best of the best student photographers. As I got off the bus in Liberty, New York I knew that everything I had heard and seen about the workshop was true and that my own experience wasn’t going to disappoint.

I spent the next four days completely submerged in photography. I met other students, current working professionals and veterans of the field. I had my work reviewed and given feedback that would carry me through. It was intensive and exciting underlined by a strong sense of tradition and encouragement. It was and continues to be one of the best things I have done in my short but fulfilling career. These images bring back fond memories and I’m humbled to have been given the chance to partake in such an amazing opportunity. It would be quite the honor to return as a black team member. Wouldn’t you say?  

Photo Assistant For The Day... by Troy Harvey

Last month I was asked to help assist my friend and fellow photographer, Aaron Poole, with a shoot in Los Angeles. Having never been an assistant, I was anxious and expecting every horror story ever told to me to materialize into the awful truth. However, the complete and exact opposite occurred. I had a fabulous, delightful day and my first assistant experience couldn’t have been better. Lugging around lights, battery packs, taking behind the scene coverage as well as dusting off sand from every crevice known to man is no easy task but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. If anything, I have a newfound respect for those individuals that are assistants as it is hard work.  Here is some of the work I was able to do behind the scene between shoots.

Let Me Introduce Myself... by Troy Harvey

Hiya! I'm Troy Harvey and I'm a freelance photographer based in Southern California. I felt like starting a blog for two main reasons. The first being because I can and the second to showcase my photographic work. 

But first thing first. Let me tell you briefly about my journey from newspaper staffer to freelance. It all started with a passion for photography. In fact, I was spending every extra cent on new equipment until finally the wife had had enough. With love underlined by a stern tone, she told me "you're not spending another dollar on a piece of camera equipment unless you make that your career." From that moment on, my desire and determination to become a professional photographer was sealed. 

With a new found calling, I quit my job and attended Brooks Institute of Photography. It was during this time in my life that I was inspired to carve a path into the journalistic world. I wanted to create images that would stir the emotions of strangers the way powerful photographs had impacted me. 

I received a degree in Visual Journalism and acquired my first job at a small newspaper in the middle of the California desert. From there I went to work for the Ventura County Star where I thought my journalistic ambitions were going to be fulfilled. Then on a cloudy, rainy day while having just landed in Washington DC for a family vacation, my phone rang and on the other end was a voice informing me that I had been laid off. Poof. There went my great journalistic ambitions. 

I never had any intentions of becoming a freelance photographer but was propelled full force into that mysterious and completely uncertain world .Lucky for me, this world has turned out to be accepting and kind. 

Thanks for reading. Now..... for the photos.